Practice rooms & studios for permanent rental

With our permanently rented  rehearsal rooms & studios we offer a high-quality alternative to the notorious “cellar hole” or the unheated and burglar-prone rooms in the run down shacks on the outskirts of the city. Our rooms come with heating, daylight, WiFi and burglar protection and thus offer an appealing environment which is appreciated by musicians and instrumental teachers as well as by producers, DJs, video and photo artists. Click here for a rental request.


  • Sizes 8m²-40m²
  • ceiling height: up to 3,20 m
  • heated
  • daylight
  • soundproofed doors
  • carpeted floor
  • good sound insulation to neighboring rooms due to solid masonry or double walls
  • slanted walls in the smaller rooms: no standing waves
  • access to toilets (m/f), regularly cleaned
  • access to kitchenette (coffee maker, microwave, kettle, vacuum cleaner)
  • Internet (DSL) via WiFi in the whole house
  • separate electrical circuits for light and sockets
  • 24/7 access to the house
  • effective burglary protection: camera-monitored entrance areas and hallways
  • electronic locking system including user management
  • central location and good public transport connections
  • on request: organization of your rehearsal appointments/room occupancy via our online booking system. Including mail notification and connection to your electronic calendar
  • 10% discount for our backline rental